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We are experienced and equipped with state of the art tools and equipment, allowing us to do the job efficently and ensure its done right.  Most companies that perform indoor air duct cleaning will guarantee their work. There are some who might charge a little more than the rest but it’s well worth it so you can be sure your house will stay dust-free and fresh.

  • Remove Harmful Bacteria and dust build up in your vents
  • Breath easy knowing your vents are fresh and clean
  • Extend the life of your HVAC System
  • Eliminate a potential house fire by cleaning your dryer vent

The air inside your home is important, so you need to make sure it remains clean. If you want to breathe easier, you need to keep the air inside the house clean. You can get rid of all the dust easily if you have one of our professionals clean your ducts. 

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During Covid19 We have cleaned Hundreds of homes in Rockwall, TX.

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The problem is that ducts tend to become dirty from the buildup of dust, mold, and animal hair. All of these items trap particles within the ductwork and when not cleaned can create a back draft, which means more energy bills. Additionally, old ducts can have a substance called silicon dioxide that causes it to run faster and harder than normal. This is a waste product that is emitted from the filter in your air conditioner, but in dirty air ducts can actually speed up the aging process.

  • Change your air filters less because of less dust and debris
  • Ensure you aren’t breathing potentially harmful air.
  • Reduce Energy Costs by improving air flow
  • Have fresh and clean air ducts again

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