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During the cooler months of the year, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting near a fireplace. But, have you ever wondered how the fireplace you sit near works? When wood is burned in a fireplace, smoke is created and is drawn up the chimney and into the outdoors if the chimney is working properly. However, some particles from this smoke, such as soot and creosote, tend to cling inside the chimney and the fireplace itself. Know when it’s time for you annual chimney cleaning in Dallas.

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Why Is Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning Necessary?

It might not seem that important, but having your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected regularly helps you keep your fireplace working, prevent fires, and safeguard air quality. Soot and creosote in your chimneys pose fire hazards, and the chimney may not entirely remove the smoke. At On Time Home Experts, we specialize in chimney cleaning in Dallas, TX. Professionally trained technicians do our service with the most advanced equipment. 

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Flammable materials can also become health hazards as they make their way to your air indoors, contributing to polluting the air you breathe. Enough soot can affect your lungs as it circulates around your home.

Such risks can be minimized by availing of professional chimney sweeping & fireplace cleaning services.

Do Gas Fireplaces Require Chimney Cleaning, Too?

Gas fireplaces have become quite popular due to the misconception that they don’t need to be cleaned. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case; gas fireplaces sometimes have debris buildup due to soot byproducts. Other factors, such as falling nests or moisture problems, could cause your chimney to break down.

Though it is indeed a gas fireplace, it’s still necessary to thoroughly inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney. Having a dysfunctional ventilation system can expose your family to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Don’t risk your family from getting poisoned – get your chimneys and fireplaces cleaned and prepared for another year with our professional fireplace cleaning services.

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How Often Should You Have a Professional Chimney Cleaning in Dallas?

Standard 211 of the National Fire Protection Association endorses that chimneys should be inspected annually due to the presence of many factors that can cause faster deterioration of the chimney and make it unsafe for use, even if you don’t use it on a daily basis.

An annual chimney cleaning in Dallas, TX, is ideal if you use your fireplace frequently during the year’s colder months. If you own a gas fireplace, you should avail yourself of residential chimney cleaning services every 3 to 5 years unless an inspection tells you that cleaning is imperative.

Some clients who do NOT clean their chimneys regularly have told us that some chimney fires sound like an aircraft landing on the roof. This is because the lack of cleaning forces air up the chimney due to the fire’s demand for oxygen. A blocked or dirty chimney could cause smoke to drift towards the room instead, causing a headache of problems such as more polluted air, fire risks, or even carbon monoxide poisoning. If your fireplace worked well for the past months but suddenly draws poorly, you can ensure that a good cleaning done by seasoned professionals will bring it back as good as new.

Our Process

In a nutshell, our process involves state-of-the-art, professional, worry-free techniques and equipment to help you ensure a no-mess, satisfying experience.

Our professional technicians will sweep your fireplace from bottom to top, in every nook and cranny, ensuring that soot, creosote, and other debris stays where it’s supposed to: inside the fireplace.

We also include a Level 1 inspection with the service, where we make sure your flue is the right fit for your chimneys. Our service providers also climb up on the roof to inspect your masonry for signs of chimney deterioration, and we will let you know if there are any. Most of these services are same-day fixes or can take a follow-up visit depending on the condition of your chimney.

Chimney Maintenance

When it comes to chimney maintenance, we consider ourselves to be the crème de la crème.

Tried, tested, and trusted – that is our standard. From inspections to cleanings, our team of CSIA Certified chimney techs are equipped with the proper experience and equipment to do the job and do it in the best way possible.

When you put your trust in our team of seasoned professionals, you gain peace of mind knowing that their regular chimney maintenance will keep you and your family safe from the risks and bigger and costlier repairs. Call On Time Home Experts today to learn more about chimney cleaning in Dallas.

To us, it sounds like a pretty good deal, and we want to make a deal with you. Avail our services now, and you will get satisfactory, worry-free services every time!

Want someone to conduct a chimney inspection for you? Just give us a call, and we will be more than happy to serve.
Chimney Service Calls

From general maintenance and blockage removal or even just a simple cup of joe, our team of CSIA certified chimney sweepers are ready to assist you anytime! On Time Home Experts is here to make sure the job is done right!

Why wait for the time when it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars to fix your chimney? With our chimney maintenance services, you and the people living in your homes will be given peace of mind. 

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